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Cricket and Congress!

Cricket in India has a huge reputation. Cricket and cricket leaders are often blamed for thwarting the development of various games in India. Although this is far from the truth, I have found that the fame of Indian cricket is very similar to the presence of the Congress Party in India. Both thrive in this country mainly because there are competitors who are no better. Let us examine the circumstance in minimal depth.

It is clear that Congress is the first ideological group formed in a long time. With supporters like Tilak, Gandhi, and Nehru as his bosses, he naturally appealed to the terrible help of the resident, who pressed for freedom. After autonomy, many public and local groupings emerged. In any case, however, for a few years, the Congress was hosted by the assembly, which remained in power for most of that period. Thus, even after nearly 60 years, Congress has advanced across the country.

Cricket has also been very popular since the days of five-way competitions. Different games have their places to dominate. As a hockey player, it participated in its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. Tennis also peaked in the late 1960s when India reached the Davis Cup twice. Indian football thrived in the 1962 and 1960 Masters Olympics. Anyway, let these distortions stand apart and discover that cricket is constantly in the heart of Indian fans.

So what interests people in cricket as much as Congress? Do pioneers improve endurance? Do congressional agreements support individuals more than resistance? Are Cricketers More Talented Than Other Athletes? Is BCCI more visible than other bodies wearing out?

The fact is that they both thrive naturally. Individuals in India sometimes throw things at Congress out of contempt for resistance instead of to support congressional approaches and projects. In addition, Cricket wins people’s creative minds mainly because of the disturbances they gain directly in different games.

The Congress is also a separate house like the Resistance. In addition, BCCI also has a long history of ugly power struggles. In any case, everything turns out to be a less cruel choice. Not that the odds weren’t for the partner. On legislative matters, people in India have offered the possibility of arranging outside Congress that something like this is repeatedly confusing. In addition to this, also in sports, the demand for sports besides cricket has arisen many times. But instead of winning it, the Indian Hockey Federation committed suicide by fighting. The Indian football team reached the semi-finals of the 1956 Olympics, but at the time the interests of the club owners overshadowed the general interests. So people in India had to trust and sponsor the Indian cricketers who won the World Cup in 1983. Experienced advertisers like Dalmiya and Lalit Modi have now ensured that cricket is becoming a major functional center for global cricket.

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